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1 Apr, 2024 14:16

UK’s promises to Kenyans over disaster are empty – High Court advocate to RT

The British Army has continued training in the country after burning down 10,000 acres of nature reserve, according to Kelvin Kubai
UK’s promises to Kenyans over disaster are empty –  High Court advocate to RT

The UK government is detached from reality and has repeatedly made empty promises to redress the damage from a massive fire its troops caused years ago at Kenya’s Lolldaiga Conservancy, an advocate in the African country’s High Court, Kelvin Kubai, has told RT.

In an exclusive interview, Kubai, who represents people impacted by the 2021 blaze, says the British Army is continuing with its training activities in the same area previously devastated by the fire.

“The pastoralists will continue grazing their cows on the very hills that the British have been training on with white phosphorus,” the lawyer and environmentalist pointed out.

According to Kubai, about 100 Kenyans have lost their lives and many more may yet perish, given the delay with which the UK is addressing the issue. Thousands live on or use lands in the area razed by the wildfire.

Over 10,000 acres of a nature reserve were destroyed in the blaze in March 2021. The fire lasted over four days, blanketing the sky with thick smoke. It is believed that it was started by the use of the incendiary and damaging white phosphorous weaponry, which London has admitted using in its drills there.

In March 2022, a Kenyan court ruled that individuals impacted by the fire could file lawsuits against the British military. Following this decision, over 7,000 claims have been lodged by those purporting to suffer health problems and seeking compensation.

According to media reports, British soldiers have deployed white phosphorus in their drills in Kenya at least 15 times since 2017.